Beware of Fake Puff Bars

Puff bars have experienced exponential growth in popularity over the recent years. As there are more vaping enthusiasts seeking out incredible flavors, this product has certainly appealed to their tastes. But just as this product has grown in popularity, there is also a growth in manufacturers of fake Puff Bars in an effort to capitalize on the demand. 

Counterfeits are nothing foreign to the most coveted products and brands. The proliferation of fake Puff Bars has tarnished the name of the brand that vape enthusiasts have come to love. To ensure that you don’t end up with a counterfeit product, you need to know how to identify if your Puff Bar is fake or real. 

Real vs Fake Puff Bars

As expected, fake Puff Bars cannot guarantee the same quality as the original ones. They are low in quality and do not last very long. Unless you have expert eyes or you have used Puff Bars for a long time, it might be hard to distinguish the fake from the real at first glance. This is potentially difficult to discern if you are buying online and you lack the ability to physically inspect the product upon purchase.

It is also important to identify the fake Puff Bars from the real ones for safety reasons. The low quality of the fake products affects not just the quality of your vaping experience. It can also be potentially dangerous! 

puff bar authentication code

Four Main Criteria for Verification

How do you tell a fake from the real Puff Bars? There are four main criteria that you have to consider. 

  • Authentication Code – Each Puff Bar you purchase comes with its unique authentication code on the label. The best way to ensure that you have an authentic one is to check this code and verify it on the official Puff Bar website. Simply check the box for the code and enter it onto the website so you know for sure. 
  • Font – The font used on the Puff Bar box is distinctive. Check the font on the packaging to see if there are any deviations; that is how you know it’s a fake. Make sure that the font is consistent all throughout the packaging. If there is lack of uniformity in terms of size and font, then you need to be suspicious. 
  • Color – One of the most unique features about the Puff Bar is that every box features a colorful gradient design. This not only makes the packaging visually attractive, it is also unique and difficult to copy by counterfeit products. One way to validate if your Puff Bar is real or fake is to look at the box. The color of the box design should not be pixelated. If you’ve used Puff Bar for a while, you will be able to tell just by the design alone if it’s fake or not. 
  • Juice – A real Puff Bar comes with a smooth vapor and delicious taste. If not, then chances are you have a fake in your hands. Any inconsistencies in the taste and vapor production should give you reason for suspicion. 

Other Things to Look Out For

The four main criteria listed above should give you enough points of consideration to assess if the item is real or fake. However, there are many counterfeit items in the market today that are manufactured to look exactly like the real thing. 

If, for some reason, you are still not able to determine if your Puff Bar is fake based on the above criteria, then you should look at some other features. It is easy to identify the difference if you know what to look for. 

Take note that a Puff Bar consists of four separate parts, along with the packaging and display. The four components are the display box, box packaging (of the actual device), device wrapper, and the device itself. You need to examine each component because this is where you might be able to detect a fake.

puff bar flavors

The display case must always consist of 10 Puff Bars in every case. If not, this is not an official product. The next thing you have to check is the Puff Bar logo with the trademark symbol next to it. You should also look for the Limited Edition gold seal if the product in question is of the limited edition flavor. Next thing to check is the official Puff Bar stamp, which must be scratched off to reveal the authentication code.

The device packaging is small and rectangular in shape. You can see the name of the flavor shown prominently on the front of the box. Check to see if there is a barcode at the back (in the middle portion) along with a nicotine warning label. 

The tearaway wrapper that contains the Puff Bar device must be of the correct color based on the flavor. As for the device, each one has a unique color and it should match the wrapper and box that it came in. All authentic Puff Bar devices have two divots at the bottom.